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This has been covered a trillion times (pun intended), however I think people need to be reminded on how much of anything encompasses a trillion. Joe Biden offered up his plan today for a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package today and I am flabbergasted by the sheer number of dollars that our government is able to spout with a straight face. I am not going to dispute that people and small businesses are in great need of this help. …

I was playing around with creating a simple GraphQL project that could connect to a Postgres database and build a schema automagically from the database metadata. Technically this example should work out of the box with any JDBC available database but milage may vary. This is not yet production ready but if you are looking to get started with Ktor, or GraphQL maybe this article can help you out.

Everything starts with Gradle

Here is the all important build.gradle.kts. I kept the dependencies as minimal as possible using Ktor, graphql-java and Postgres libs. You could substitute whatever JDBC libraries to fit your needs but…

Chris Hinshaw

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